Photography services

Hi, my name is Katey and thank you for looking at my work :) I have been offering professional photography services since 2010. Though born and raised in Australia, I am now based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I specialise in beauty sessions and family portraiture, and am currently expanding the portraiture side to focus on natural and informal portraits of families and couples. I offer my services to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

I use both digital and analogue (film) cameras. 

My website

A sincere thank you for visiting my website. It is currently under a serious overhaul so isn’t showcasing as much of my work as usual. But it is the home of my photography and soon to be some of my writing and therefore home to a little piece of my heart.

Creativity for me is a necessary part of being human. By creating, we understand ourselves a little better, understand others, and understand our place within this world. Creativity comes in many forms and I firmly believe all of us are creative beings. This is my way. 

Photography and writing are transformative for me. Life can be glorious and also excruciating, and by capturing and transforming a frame of life in a photos, capturing a moment, feeling or thought in words, I find myself finding a little clarity and peace. 

I hope this site can be a little pocket of beauty and a place to ponder and wonder. 

Please feel free to leave comments or contact me. I love sharing ideas and other's creative works.