A Summer Sunset

I've photographed Rebecca Bentley twice now because she's got such a unique look. Bec looks like she could be a spirit wandering in the woods in the hushed blue of the dawn. Her pale skin, blue eyes, and elf-like features are captivating.

This was our first shoot together.

I collaborated with one of my close friends and a wonderful photographer, How Boon Tay. You can check out his work here

This session was simple. She kept her hair natural and we did her makeup ourselves. The outfits are thrift shop items I bought at Salvation Army stores during that special time of the week, $2 Mondays. Those are happy, happy days indeed ;) 

The sun played as much of a role as we did. Perth has harsh, unforgiving sunlight but for an hour in the morning and at sunset we get a gorgeous golden reprise, a peace-offering for us photographers after the sunburn, sweat, melting makeup and frizzy hair we have to endure normally.